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Boat rental Hydra - Diamond Yachting

The ruler of Argosaronikos, the beautiful beloved Hydra with its amazing harbor, welcomes the whole international jet set to its crystal clear waters. Island cosmopolitan, with restored mansions and important naval tradition. During the Greek Revolution of 1821 with 186 ships and with the famous admirals of Andreas Miaoulis, Lazaros Kountourioti and Tombazi helped dynamically to liberate the country from the Turkish yoke. There, after 1821, the first School of Commanders of the Eastern Mediterranean was established, and nowadays as the 'Shipmasters Academy' is housed in the mansion of Lazaros Tsamados and Maria D. Sahini and in a donation building, Ath. Kouloura.

When you arrive you will discover an island that belongs to the last century. Yesterday he is looking today. Admire the cobblestone streets of Hydra, with its magnificent mansions spreading like precious pearls on the two hills that surround its safe harbor. Its imposing beauty inspired many artists, mainly painters such as Picasso and Chagal, to depict the purity of its landscape on canvas. Since 1936, the branch of the School of Fine Arts is located on the island.

The island has been declared preservable and the passage of wheeled buses is prohibited except for small tricycles that help to transport the island. Assistants in this painstaking work are the nice mules, while everyone else living or visiting the island uses the oldest means of transport, ie their feet !!

The transportation to the beaches is served by water taxis, which all round the island, serving its inexperienced admirers. Hiking the island's favorite sport is worth driving you to Kiafa, the old quarter with picturesque stone-built dwellings and narrow alleys. There you will find the oldest church of the island built in the 17th century. of St. John the Nest. There are a total of 300 churches and 6 monasteries on the proud island with some 2000 permanent residents.

Bright yachts, super yachts of shipowners and wealthy magnates coexist harmoniously with simple fishing boats of ordinary people of everyday life. The safe harbor attracts every year a number of sailing boats that open the tourist season every March with the race announced by Pan-Hellenic Offshore Sailing Club under the name "Hellenic Revolution - Hydra". The second race ends in October with the name "HYDRA" and is organized by the Navy Club of Greece. Both races start at Faliro, Attica, end at Hydra, returning to Faliro, traveling a 36 nautical mile.

The small and spotless beaches of the island host their distinguished visitors. Pebble beaches are found in Spilia, Hydroneta, Avlaki and Kamini. The traditional settlement in Vlychos presents its organized beach with red pebbles and a host of traditional taverns and cafes. The beach of Palamidas has fine sand with fine pebbles and alongside it you will discover the deserted beach of Agios Kyprianos with the homonymous chapel lit by the emerald waters of the crystal clear sea. Walking from the city of Hydra about 70 minutes you will find yourself in Molos, the old naval station of the island. Right next to the sandy beach with pine trees is Kamoumi and Bali beach. If you are a fan of underwater fishing, the beach of Bistro in the southern bay of the island and the beach of Limnioniza will satisfy your desire. Ending the island's tour, you end up in the old martial harbor of Mandraki, with a unique beauty of sandy beach. If you want to visit it and walking distance from Chora is just 20 minutes.

A spectacular religious custom from 1923 onwards from the best of Hydra and all of Greece, takes place on the island of Easter on the day of the Epitaph on the island of Paraskevi. In Kaminia from the church of Agios Ioannis Prodromos, the epitaph with grandeur ends up in the sea, where the princes enter the water and the priest blesses all the attendants as well as the sailors of the whole country who travel, wishing a safe return to the homeland.

The beauty of the prince does not end here. No matter how many times you visit the wonderful island, you will always find something else. Embrace the monastery of Prophet Elias, face Hydra from above, take with you the panoramic view giving the promise that you will return again, over and over again ...

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