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Boat rental Serifos - Diamond Yachting

A legend links the island with the ancient history of Greece.

Serifos is the island that, according to mythology, the Perseus, the son of Zeus and Danae, grew up before embarking on his great feats. Everyone knows or has heard about him and Andromeda's beautiful husband. For his winged horse, Pegasus and the head of the terrible Medusa (who looked at her as a stone), what the hero managed to cut off and offer the goddess Athena to have it forever embossed in her divine shield. There, he was once worshiped as a protector of the island. Today Perseus and Andromeda are two glittering stars that adorn the night sky of the universe, known all over the world.

The fascinating history of the island continues to follow it to this day. It is located just a few miles from the port of Piraeus, next to lively islands and still manages to maintain its purity. It is a refuge from the cruel daily routine. On this island, you can be alone to swim in the crystal clear waters of a dreamy beach. Perhaps you find yourself in a square, if you are from a theatrical scene, to celebrate with the sounds of Suratlion (a windmill organ made only on the island) at the feast of your saint.

Unbelievable emerald beaches circle the island. Livadi, Achladi, Koutalas, Agios Sostis, Platys Gialos, Chrissi Ammoudia some of them. With its capital, Chora and its port, Livadi is welcoming and magnetizing with its iron and granite subsoil for every visitor. The unparalleled hospitality of its inhabitants attracts more and more friends every year.

One hundred white-blue churches and monasteries await the faithful to visit them. Among them are Panagia Skopiani, the Taxiarches Monastery, Agia Marina the Prophet Elias.

A cultural event, the 'Serifos Festival', takes place every August on the island, attracting a crowd of people. Theatrical shapes, art exhibitions, musicians and artists surround the festive events, creating an amazing, vibrant atmosphere.

The island's tasty treasures will accompany you forever if you try the famous Marathonites, the Mizithra of Harani, a local cheese, Loutza (a kind of delicious meat with herbs), Reithatha (the chickpeas in the oven). Everything changes for the better when a glass of aromatic wine accompanies the delicacies of Serifos. Before leaving, do not forget to buy thyme honey, capers, almonds and spoon sweets that keep alive the memory and the need to return back to the island of senses on the island of Persea and Andromeda.

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