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Boat rental Spetses - Diamond Yachting

In antiquity it was called "Pitiousa" and later the historical island of Bouboulina, the "Island of Fragrances", according to the Venetians, "Izola di Spetsia", held the name Spetses. The excavations and the finds found in it are certified by the long history of the 5,000 years on the island. It is the southwest island of Argosaronikos at a distance of 54m. from Piraeus.

The cosmopolitan Old Harbor gathers every night many famous names of the international and domestic jet set. The glittering boats docked in Spetses are a wonderful sight in the midnight candles lit in the island's luxury retreat.

Here, as in Hydra, it is forbidden to cross the car, so a walk with the traditional wagons by making a romantic tour of the cobbled streets of the island is considered a must. The rest of your land transport can be done by bicycles, taxis, motorbikes and of course on foot.

The mansions in Agios Nikolaos, Clock Tower, the Museum of Bouboulina are some of what you can see on the historic island.

Visit the port of Dapia where the captains of the 1821 concentration camp are located.

The wonderful 18th century. a neoclassical building of the benefactor of Sotirias Anargyrous, which has hosted the town hall and families of barons from time to time.

The historic Poseidonio Hotel, the Anargyrio-Korgialenio School, the house of the first Governor of Hatzigianni Mexi, the Capodistrian Spiritual Home, the Metropolitan Church of Agios Nikolaos, which raised the banner of the 1821 revolution in its bell tower.

The famous Spetses Lighthouse of 1837, which together with Kea, was the first beacons of the Greek pharmaceutical network.

Amazing beaches can be found in Kounoupitsa with pebble and crystal clear waters.

On the northern side of the island, the organized beach of Vorelos, a favorite of young people.

Agii Anargiri from the most famous and fully organized beaches with hotels, restaurants and cafes.

After the Old Port, Agia Marina's beach is fully organized.

Exceptional beauty is the beach of Zogerias in the northwestern part of the island with many boats to visit.

At the southern end, the sandy beach of Xylokeriza, which although organized offers tranquility and tranquility.

There you will find the beach of Agia Paraskevi equally beautiful with its green landscape being reflected in the crystal clear sea.

Wonderful views of Spetsopoula will take you from the tranquil beach of Kouzounos with the turquoise waters.

Unforgettable experience is the annual re-enactment of the Battle of Spetses or the Battle of Armatas, which gathers tens of thousands of visitors as it is the most famous traditional custom of the island.

The "Armata" is dedicated to the victory of the Greeks on 8 September 1822 against the Turkish fleet with the patron saint of Panagia where they gave their name to the temple located at the port "Panagia or Armata".

The program of events includes concerts, dance groups, theatrical performances, paintings, etc.

The festive events last for a week and culminate in the burning of a Turkish flagship in the glittering flashes and sounds of fireworks and firecrackers.

Surprisingly, super yachts, yachts, shipowners, businessmen, media people give each year a present at the historic event, giving glamor and celebrity to the beautiful island.

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