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Ionian. The islands of Paradise

The Ionian Islands are a cluster of seven main islands and several smaller ones that adorn the Ionian Sea. The seven main islands are Kefalonia, Corfu, Zakynthos, Lefkada, Kythira, Ithaca and Paxi. Including some smaller islands such as Kalamos, Meganissi, Antikythira, Othoni, Kastos, Petalas, Ereikousa, Atokos, Arkoudi, Acia, Antipaxi, Mathraki, Strofades, Drakonera, Promi, Vromonas, Makri, Skorpios, Kythros, Pontikos, Karlonissi, Sparta.
The Ionian Paradise opens its gates and presents a different world, a magical world. Discover islands of green, cosmopolitan harbors, famous exotic beaches, organized marinas and smiling residents with music in their blood.

Life experience

"It was the sea wine and the mountain mezedes, and the boats of the winegrower to drink the cries "

Ion time zero: Time ceases to exist. A painting table shows up in front of your eyes. You, the boat and the turquoise color of a serene sea.
Dementia: Bath and diving at the famous beach of Myrto or diving in Xi, Lixouri, Fiskardo, Kefalonia;
Fine golden sand in Sidari and Paleokastritsa or pebbles and deep seas in northern Corfu;
Marine parks, Caretta-Caretta turtles, blue shipwreck, Laganas, Gerakas in Zakynthos or Porto Katsiki, Kathisma, Egremeni with kite-surfing, windsurfing in Lefkada;
Travel to the island of Nostos, in love with the closed bay of Kioni, escape to the Lazaretos island in Ithaca or Seafarers in Agios Nikolaos Castle at Gaios port in Paxos;
Our suggestion: Everything. Do not miss anything.
This unique life experience will be indelible in your memory.

Culture Roads

When you go to Ithaca,
wishing to be a long way,
full of adventures, full of knowledge.
Many summer summers are
who with what pleasure, with what joy
You will enter ports in the first place .. '
K. Cavafis

The world-rich traveler King Odysseus of Ithaca invites you to meet the islands of culture. The Ionian is the blue-green bridge between Europe and Greece. Cultural footprints of English, Venetian and Venetian culture have been united with primitive Greek culture over the centuries.
The millions of tourists who visit the earthly Paradise each year are their genuine ambassadors.
The Ionian islands offer a variety of yearly getaways. Religious, sightseeing, nature, sports, medical, music and gastronomic tourism complement the puzzles of sea activities for unforgettable holidays.
An extremely hospitable sea, with calm waters, picturesque harbors, modern marinas, welcomes thousands of boats safely and comfortably.

Corfu 'Drastis' Cape

The most imposing pyramids emerging from the seabed are sculpted only by the nature and creator of the Universe.
An incredible geological phenomenon is found on Cape Drastis in Corfu. In the northwestern part of the island, the traditional village of Petroulades, Venetian architecture, ends up in steep clay cliffs that form this supernatural spectacle. Draco's enchanting white pyramids dominate the sea scenery, with their gleaming color reflected in the turquoise waters of the island.
Here you will also find the famous Canal D'Amour, which tradition requires lovers to swim in the water, stamping their love forever.
The Greek 'fjords' in Petroulas offer canals, bays and small caves to excite the diving enthusiasts.
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