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Argosaronic Gulf Islands

The islands of the Saronic Gulf, rich in Greek culture and majestic beauty, have the privilege of being just a few miles away from Athens and the port of Piraeus. Easily accessible for sailing excursions, even day trips, they offer tranquility, fun, good food in traditional taverns or gourmet restaurants. Inappropriate ports can accommodate hundreds of yachts or superyachts offering docking security, refueling, water and food supplies.
The sea route between Salamina, Aegina, Hydra, Poros, Spetses, Spetsopoula, Agistri, Dokos, Agios Georgios of Hydra, Patroklos, Psilis Argolidas, Plateia Argolida, Romni Argolida, Fleves, Aegina Monastery, Trikeri Hydra, Agios Thomas, Agios Ioannis, Lady, Arsida, Methana or a combination of many of them are yours. The Nobel laureates are waiting for you.

Argosaronic Gulf Islands

Beginning the legendary journey to the seas of history, Salamina holds a prominent position. There in 480 BC under the command of Athenian general Themistocles, took place the Battle of Salamis. The Greek fleet stopped the Persian expansive entrance to the continental continent, giving rise to the development of Ancient Greece and Western civilization. Salamina is the ancient Koulouri, the birthplace of the tragic poet of antiquity Euripides and the great contemporary poet A. Sikelianos. The nearest island of Athens is an easily accessible destination, with tranquil plains, scenic coves and good food at the seaside taverns.
Next to it is a bright diamond, Aegina, where the famous temple of Aphaia Athena (590-600 BC) emerge. and thus completes the ancient energy triangle between the Parthenon Temple and Sounio. Today the attraction of Orthodox Christians and patron saints of the island is the Church of St. Nectariou with its miraculous image.
On the contrary, just 3.5 km away, the small, green Agistri, 11.7 sq. Km, with Skala as its natural harbor, a tourist destination with well-hidden coasts, only visible by boat.
In Poros, which is not one but two islands separated by a small canal. It is the ancient Spheres and Kalavria where you can also find the Temple of Poseidon. An amazing harbor, an island with calm shores. The first Naval Station of the Hellenic Navy was established there.

Argosaronic Gulf Islands

The historic Hydra, the island of Admirals Kountourioti and A. Miaoulis of the Hellenic Revolution of 1821, the island of captains, today welcomes the entire international jet-set. Glittering yachts, beautiful yachts, dock at its sheltered harbor. A walk on foot, as the bikes are forbidden on the island, will amaze you with its glamorous view from above.

In Spetses, the island of Bouboulina, the heroine of the Revolution of 1821, the shipowners and the famous Armatas. A weekly celebration dedicated to every September to commemorate the great victory of the Greeks over the Turks, referring to the Battle of Spetses on September 8, 1822. If you are on the island at that time, you will participate in the explosion of the Turkish flagship, in a moving atmosphere in the recent glorious Hydraikos past. The small Spetsopoula is beautiful but privately owned and belongs to the well-known S. Niarchos shipowner family. Methana, a picturesque peninsula in the northeast of the Peloponnese, resembles an island. It is known for its baths and volcanoes. Together with Santorini, Nisyros and Milos belong to the so-called volcanic arch of the South Aegean. Around it, lacy coasts with small islands are unleashed to give pleasant surprises

Gold-red Smiles

Wherever you travel one is certain, when the fiery sun will be lost in the deep blue of the sea a wonderful sunset will fill your souls with warm golden-red smiles. The islands of the Argosaronic Gulf, along with their smaller ones, are one of the best sea destinations in Greece.


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