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The world-famous islands of the Dodecanese are a unique crossroads of civilization. In the passage of centuries, cultures, customs and customs of other peoples met with the native inhabitants of the islands. Each of them left indelible signs of their culture. Today they have a special place in world tourism due to the beauty, the history and the warm hospitality of their inhabitants. Open sails, the glorious, beautiful islands of Rhodes, Karpathos, Kos, Kalymnos, Astypalea, Kasos, Tilos, Symi, Leros, Nisyros, Patmos, Kastelorizo ​​welcome you to their erotic embrace.

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Fiery Multicolor

The magic of the Dodecanese opens its gates. Take a bow and discover the castle town of Rhodes, the island of the father of medicine Hippocrates, the beautiful Kos with its modern marina.
Karpathos with its excellent footpaths for hikers, the island of sponge divers and all the climbing friends of Kalymnos.
The island of Saint John's Revelation in Patmos, admire the colorful Symi with the monastery of the miraculous Archangel Michael, the volcanic and exquisite exotic Nisyros.
Pour anchor in Agia Marina, at the port of Leros, Platanos, and admire its beauty between two hills and two coves.
Kastelo Roso or Kastelorizo ​​or the ancient Dorians 'Megisti', stands like a lighthouse illuminating the deep blue of the sea with its colorful traditional houses and pulls you as a magnet on the crystal beaches of Mandraki, Faros, Plakes. The Blue Cave with its stalwart stalagmites and stalactites is a unique sight.
An island of exotic beauty, at the intersection between the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, stands an "aera", Astypalea. Her white houses, like a precious necklace, embellish her earthly neck and touch it to the seaside.
The authentic Greek beauty is found in Kasos with the capital Fry. As a stone submarine emerges from the dark waters and invites you to discover every inch of it.
Wherever you wander, you will come across cosmopolitan life harmoniously tied to the history and beauty of absolute purity and tranquility.
Endless beaches, natural coves, white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, affectionately embrace the dream islands.
Modern harbors and marinas offer full refueling for all boats that bind to their pier.
Food shops, accessories, food, gift items, exotic cafe-bars, beach bars, clubs, traditional tavernas or modern restaurants, hotels, luxury resorts or traditional guesthouses, museums or arts galleries are numerous on the Dodecanese islands every visitor.
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Invisible Beauty

Apart from the twelve islands that steal impressions, there are many smaller ones with few inhabitants or even non-residential ones. Many of them offer small unseen fantastic beaches for swimming, picturesque taverns with fresh fish and others for fishing evenings and daily wanderings on their lacy shores. Numerous marine destinations such as Halki, Sharia, Lipsi, Pserimos, Agathonisi, Telendos, China, Pharmakonisi, Imia, Stroggyli, Marathos, Pitta, Archangelos, Ro, Kalolimnos create the their need for exploration.
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Alimia Island

Alimia is a protected area of ​​Natura 2000, the largest of the Dodecanese islands, with an area of ​​7.4 sq. Km. It is only 4km away from Halki. B.A. making it an ideal destination by boat. It has two natural bays Emporio and St. George. If you ascend to the highest point, you will see the ruins of a medieval castle built in 1475 by Ioannis Knights, where there was an earlier Hellenistic fortress. On the island there is a settlement abandoned after the Second World War. Surrounded by crystal clear waters and white sandy beach, it is an excellent destination for swimming and tranquility.
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