Skippered Yacht Charters

This text is not part of a contract or charter but provides information on how the ship owners work. For the terms consult the charter of each ship owner.

Captain rentals

Captain Rent is targeted at those who do not have a navigation diploma or lack the appropriate experience and want to enjoy their holidays in a casual way.

An experienced captain undertakes to travel to the destinations you desire, having the sole responsibility of governing the boat.

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Skippered Yacht Charters

A. Boat rental with captain

A.1 In case of chartering a boat with a captain, the tenants are liable for the future operating costs of the A.P.A. (Advance Provisioning Allowance) for which the ship owner is responsible and defines them in the vessel's registration form. A.P.A is fully paid into an account of the ship owner or captain according to his instructions before check in. It represents the advance covering of operating costs for the variable part of the rental costs and serves to cover the various costs incurred in connection with the navigation and mooring of the rented vessel.

A.2 The ship owner at the end of the trip will present the breakdown of the amounts spent and will provide the customer with receipts with a detailed account of operating costs for visa and dock dues, other charges, taxes, water, electricity, VAT. Fuels, lubricating oils etc, as well as expenses incurred for the personal needs of food, beverages, transfers, or any other not included in the customer's reservation during the rental. If a list of personal expenses is given, it should be sent to him at least 10 days before the trip or as he / she specifies so that he / she has the time required to purchase the supplies. The owner also during the rental will inform the renter, who must at regular intervals know the costs and operating costs incurred until the end of the rental, and will be reimbursed by using the A.P.A. The ship owner shall not be entitled to demand payment of other unforeseen charges other than those included in the booking price and the amount of A.P.A.

A.3 Customers after the disbursement of A.P.A. must be informed by the ship owners who are responsible for the costs and in particular for providing the fuel cost to Duty Free, aiming at the best available price wherever possible. Prior to disembarkation at the end of your voyage, the ship owner shall provide a detailed account of the costs so that, in accordance with his terms, offset the amounts of expenditure.

A.4 The price offered to each vessel usually includes the vessel for the trip of the destination and, where appropriate, the captain and crew, fuel and fees or other benefits provided they are included in the rental price displayed on the site during your trip on the board profile.

A.5 In addition to your equipment, make sure, in consultation with the ship owner, the sufficiency of consumable food, ice cubes and beverages before boarding the boat. When you are cooking on the boat, the portions should be such as to cover all parts of the crew at your own expense. When the boat is docked, then you can call the crew with you on land to cover the cost of their meals. In a fully manned craft with captain, mechanic, maid, sailor, chef, cleaner etc. A.P.A usually the customer covers their meals.

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Bareboat Yacht Charters

This text is not part of a contract or charter but provides information on how the ship owners work. For the terms consult the charter of each ship owner.

Rental without captain

Captain-free rental is for those who wish to enjoy the magic of the sea and sailing.

You must have a commander's license or a valid international pilot license equivalent to or equivalent to RYA. You must also have a co-pilot over 18 years of age, with a pilot's license or a 'responsible statement' certifying the ability to navigate.

The owner or manager of the vessel has the right to ask the tenant ruler and the co-pilot to prove their qualifications and experience for safe sailing.

When chartering without a captain, other than the fare, the owner of the boat will be paid a pre-paid financial guarantee by the tenant. The warranty covers any damages and losses that may occur during the use of the boat.

The guarantee is fully refunded to the renter after the ship's departure, as long as the vessel, upon return and after the necessary inspection, is in the same excellent condition as when delivered by the owner / operator.

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Bareboat Yacht Charters

B. Lease without captain

B.1 In the case of hiring a captain-free boat, you must have a pilot's (sailing or motorized) license or a valid international pilot license equivalent or equivalent to RYA. You must also have a co-pilot over 18 years of age with a corresponding diploma or attesting to his / her ability to navigate with a 'responsible statement'. The ship owner has the right to ask the customer to demonstrate the commander and co-pilot, their qualifications and experience for safe sailing. If these are unsatisfactory you may cancel the rental or impose different terms.
B.2 At the same time as the charter agreement is signed the inventory list, according to which the ship owner charges the tenant with all the equipment mentioned therein and must be delivered in the same condition without any damage or loss. A detailed check is made at check-in to pick up the boat and the same at check-out for its return.

B.3 When a non-captain rental is made, the customer shall pay to the owner of the vessel a pre-departure financial guarantee covering damage and losses that may occur during the use of the vessel and are not paid by the insurance due to of the exemption contained in all ship insurance policies, up to an amount which varies in each case according to the vessel. It can also cover the customer's failure or refusal to deliver the boat with a full fuel and water tank as it had received it or not deliver it clean or deliver it to another port outside the base. The guarantee is paid by the customer and is returned by the ship owner in accordance with the terms of the boat's rental.

B.4 The customer may be liable for costs or damages if incurred in a rental boat and for repairing damages caused by him or his guests (intentionally or unintentionally) or any third person to the ship owner up to the level of the insurance policy for each individual accident or incident. However, he may be liable for an amount greater than the exemption and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the rental of the vessel in any accident or incident if he or any of his guests acted in such a way (deliberately or not) to exclude or exceed the limit of coverage under the ship owner's insurance. The customer should be aware of the limits and type of insurance provided on board.

B.5 Prior to check-in, the ship owner shall deliver the ship to the customer in the ready-to-go marina, in good condition, seaworthy, clean, fully equipped, full of water and fuel tanks, and whichever is mentioned in the registration form, must carry out any necessary checks. The ship must have rescue equipment as required by the vessel's licensing authority. The customer returning to the retransmission base must deliver the boat in the same condition that it received it clean, filled with water and fuel tanks and with all its equipment.

B.6 Hiring a boat usually takes 7 days and usually begins from Saturday 17.00-19.00 and ends next Saturday 08.00-10.00 but always with the ship owner's agreement. The customer must take care on Friday night, on the day of the return, to be in the marina that received the boat or elsewhere agreed with the ship owner, because on the expiry date of the lease, the procedures with the port authority on the departure and arrival, the receipt and delivery, inspection and cleaning of the vessel. These times must be observed in order not to incur charges for delay costs, as the first day of the next customers waiting to receive the boat begins to be delayed.

B.7 A pleasure boat combines the luxury of a hotel, each time in a different area and according to the customer's wishes. When cruise distances are small, you usually travel the day and you have to go out in the marina in the afternoon, unless you have been renting a captain, so you can safely travel at night to be on your day destination. On board a boat without a captain, avoid traveling in the evening, unless there is an emergency. Customers are required to observe and not breach the prohibition issued by authorities due to weather conditions.

B.8 If you rent a boat with diving equipment, check the equipment you have requested, taking all precautions, taking into account the dangers of diving at sea and taking measures for your diet before starting the activity. The customer and the passengers must not operate against the laws of fishing, underwater diving or seek and take possession of objects of an archaeological nature and value because they will be responsible to the authorities.

B.9 The renter is not allowed to sublet or assign the vessel and is forbidden to make use of the sea sports, provided that the vessel is not provided for and that the ship owner does not consent. For any other information the customer should consult the owner's terms of rental.

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Special Reservations

This text is not part of a contract or charter but provides information on how the shipowners work. For charter terms, consult the charter of each shipowner.

The Greek islands and the lacy beaches of the mainland are well-suited for unforgettable Getaways.

3 days with your company, one-day or even short-term bookings are offered to those who do not have time for weekly or more days renting a pleasure boat.

Weddings and Wedding Ceremonies, Celebrations, Birthdays, Batchelor Party, Yacht Hotel Reservation or as a Luxury Restaurant for Business and Corporate Events, Diamond Yachting's luxurious yachts can meet the demands of the most demanding passenger.

For Alternative Tourism enthusiasts, for those looking for something beyond their standard, a combination of them with a stay on a pleasure boat will perfect your level up activity.

A widespread international way for those who have a commander's license but do not have the necessary navigation experience is to take part in group cruises (Flotilla group). It is considered a safe way of choosing to travel to dreamy destinations under the guidance of an experienced leader.

Prices are custom-made after consultation with boat owners. Contact us

Special Reservations

For short stays, luxurious boats of all types are available.

3 days with your company

For all of you who want to do something different but do not have much time at your disposal, short-term 2-3 days bookings are the ideal solution. You can rent a pleasure boat for a weekend or mid-week and enjoy the sun and the sea in close proximity to the mainland. Meet islands and beaches that can only be visited by boat. Organize days of fishing or free diving in areas where they are allowed.


It's time to choose a wedding trip and all destinations seem accustomed. You love the sea, you want something different, something unforgettable. Enjoy the sunrise or a romantic sunset while sipping a frozen champagne. The luxurious boats that are displayed by Diamond Yachting are available for the best trip of your life.

Bachelor Party - Birthdays

Organize your birthday or Bachelor party on a boat of our company. Get your friends or girlfriends and hang out at your dream party with music, drinks and fine dining. Experienced captains will take you safely to nearby destinations for daily or short stays.

Rental boat as a floating accommodation

Those who want something different for their holidays, floating accommodation, a different kind of luxury 'star' hotel is offered to demanding customers. Staying at a yacht hotel with breakfast and all the facilities of a classic hotel, has the ability to make your holiday season an unforgettable experience.

Business - Corporate Events

Do you want to organize something special for your associates or employees? Want to offer an official dinner or dinner to individual guests? Do you participate in a professional forum and would like to organize a special event that will especially please your fellow guests? Diamond Yachting's superyachts are at your disposal.

Prices are tailored to demand and upon agreement with vessel owners. Contact us

Special Reservations

Alternative tourism

In recent years, alternative tourism, alternative tourism such as congress, religious, agrotourism, wine tourism, gastronomic, healing, etc., have been particularly developed.

As a member of a group of some kind of alternative tourism, you can share your days of stay between the hotel and a pleasure boat.

Boats of all types are available from our site, offering you the option of a mini cruise or longer, if this is made possible by you.

And do not forget that pleasure boats have a particularly attractive price when renting in low season, for example. Spring or Autumn.

We are always beside you to suggest the best combination for unforgettable and totally different experiences.

Prices are tailored to demand and upon agreement with vessel owners. Contact us

Special Reservations

Group cruises 'Flotillas'

Do you have a small sailing experience, you have no experience but want to take part in a group cruise with your company or become a member of a flotilla?

A group cruise of this type is the ideal way.

The flotillas groups consist of a fleet of up to 12 boats of about 6 people, with a captain and crew and following a predetermined sea route. Those who have a sailing license without much experience can be trained with the help of the captain. Those who have no experience can rent the boat with a captain that will help them sail safely.

You do not have to follow the flotilla at any destination in the day. You have the right to make close fights, always contact the leader via VHF and then return to the default meeting base.

In the evening, you have to get everyone to dock in safe harbors under the command of the captain. In the flotillas, fun nights, beach parties or water sports are organized. It's a great way to get a sailing experience and get to know fantastic places safely.

Prices are custom-made after consultation with boat owners. Contact us

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