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Our company was founded in April 2017 in Thessaloniki Greece. It consists of people who love and respect the sea. Our team loves traveling and discovering new experiences beyond the ordinary. Our professional experience in the business sector and our passion for the sea was the driving force that prompted us to deal with this subject.


The quintessence of life lies in simplicity. True to the shipyard traditions that build their customers' boats step by step, we decided to build an interactive on-line booking pleasure yacht platform step by step, according to the possibilities and desires of the simplest user. This was the idea of​​creating an easy-to-use website but highly effective for both users and potential travelers through it as well as for ship owners.


The goal of Diamond Yachting is to give everyone the opportunity to discover rare destinations, customs and traditions of people through the marvelous world of the sea. The turbulent development of digital technology is becoming the vehicle that will communicate travelers with the ever-increasing number of professional boats to be chartered. Experienced executives of professional yachting, top sailing boat brand name, catamaran, motor yachts, super yachts, ribs and traditional yachts work together with Diamond Yachting to make your trips easier. The comfortable and secure electronic platform www.diamondyachting.eu becomes the bridge that will unite all of us. Maritime journeys throughout the centuries have communicated peoples and cultures.


Unknown worlds were discovered by pioneers. You become the seafarers of your life, travel through myth and history, discover unique destinations unseen for many. This mysterious aquatic world can offer and combine unforgettable moments. This magical experience and the  immense freedom of Yachting want to share with you.


Many ask us. Why you, why should customers choose you, there are so many platforms so many other businesses, what makes you different from others. And we answer. Quite simply because it is us, the customer will understand at the first telephone or personal contact. Because Diamond Yachting is not an impersonal company. Because the owner of the company will personally deal with each customer, she will do her best to find a solution to every desire of the customer to book, even those who book at the last minute. Because we feel joy for what we offer you and we will be happy with your joy when you complete a wonderful journey.


We will be very happy to have you with us on this journey. Come discover new challenges that only the sea can offer.

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