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Special Activities, 0m/0.00ft, Built 2000, Refit 2017, Cabins 4, Wc 2, Maximum passengers 8


Chalkidiki – Mount Athos – Ammouliani – Sithonia Sailing 8 people

CRUISE 8 Days / 7 Nights (Beginners)

We welcome you at 14:00, and after the necessary safety exhibition, we depart from our base in Paliouri to explore the beautiful shores of Sithonia - a unique combination of sea and trees for many miles. During the trip, our experienced skipper will teach you all the basics of sailing. Be ready to learn how to tie a knot, adjust the sails, and steer as for the rest of the day you can be the captain! The calm winds of the area offer the perfect conditions for beginners to have their first touch with sailing. The small village of Sykia will be our shelter for the night, but before you go to sleep make sure you taste the most delicious fish soup you’ll ever try, cooked by an old lady cook of a traditional fish tavern nearby…(20NM,3h)

Breakfast on board and it is time to visit Mount Athos, one of the most sacred places in Christianity. The cruise to the “Garden of Holy Virgin Mary” will reveal to you its beauty among monasteries built on cliffs of the powerful Mount Athos, and offer its shade amidst the Aegean Sea! You will learn about its importance and history dating from ancient times and Persian wars, till Byzantine times and the expansion of Orthodox faith in Greece. Have your cameras ready for unique photos and let yourself travel through time… Our cruise ends on the island of Ammouliani, a hidden paradise with amazing waters, golden beaches, and some special places where you can enjoy a delicious cocktail at night-time. (30NM,5h)

Wake up with a dive and your day will start in a special way! Our visit to Platanorema farm will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Get ready to make your own ceramics, watch the making and baking of traditional pies in wood-fired ovens, learn how yogurt is made after milking the animals of the farm, and many other activities. You will also have the chance to have a sip of tsipouro, a traditional Greek spirit after it’s distilled in front of your very eyes! During the day you can try your hand at archery or even do some horse-riding, in safety and under the guidance of supervisors. Yes, it will be a day full of surprises that will end with a unique sunset on board, as we approach our new destination, Diaporos island. (15NM, 2h)

Waking up with a dive in Diaporos island, one of the most colorful spots in Chalkidiki, is how every day should start. After that, we explore nearby destinations and where needed we offer our eco- services by cleaning shores and water from litters. Ok, you’ve had plenty of sailing, produced and tried traditional products, and learned a lot about the islands, so now let’s enjoy a session of sea-kayak during sunset! The colors and the calm sea, while you explore nearby hidden places, will empty your mind and lose the tense you carry. And if you think that sea kayak during sunset is the highlight of the day wait till you taste “The sailor’s pasta” for dinner! The night sky and the exchanging of the trip’s highlights with the crew will end your day with a huge smile.

Want to visit some really nice places for swimming and snorkeling? ‘Cause day 5 is full of that thanks to Portokali and Armenistis, two of the best beaches in Halkidiki! It’s time for sunbathing, diving, and relaxing on board as we sail smoothly across the east side of Sithonia. With the boat, we’ll visit special spots that are inaccessible from land and admire all the unique combinations of green and blue. We spend the night in Sykia (yes that place with the delicious fish soup!) as just one time is never enough! (20NM, 3h)

Good morning sailors! Put your shoes on and let’s discover the small, traditional village of Sykia and visit a few of the landmarks in the area, like the Windmills, Pavlaras wellspring, and the Koukos cave. After almost 1 hour of soft hiking, we enter the village to get some rest and treat ourselves with local meze and some cold beverages. Try not to lose the track of time as we should get back to the boat and begin our cruise to the west side of Sithonia. The day will end in Porto Koufo, one of the bigger natural ports in Greece, famous for hosting submarines during WW2 as its depth reaches 1000m! As all that sailing surely made you hungry, the fresh fish food from restaurants by the sea will be the ideal menu for dinner. (15NM, 2h)

Welcome to Toroneos bay with its golden beaches and the uninhabited Kelyfos island.
An ideal spot for snorkeling and swimming among its rocks and small caves. After we cross the ancient city of Toroni the cruise leads us to Porto Karras’ private bays with turquoise waters perfect for diving and relaxing. The smell from the pine trees and the sounds of nature will help you reach true serenity. The golden sunset, along with some jazz and a nice, cold, local wine will reward you for a day well spent. The sunset, as our Udyssea comes to an end, will highlight the feelings we share on our last night on board. (20NM, 3h)

It’s time to say goodbye, but this bond created from all those experiences we’ve shared will keep us connected until our next Odyssey. Chalkidiki exposed to you many of its beauties but not everything. There is always next time… Until then!

Total Sailing Distance: 120N

Main specifications

Special Activities
Yacht type
Pre-made cruise
Chalkidiki-Mount Athos-Ammouliani-Sithonia
Registration number

Technical specifications

Construction material
Beam (m)
Draft (m)
Weight (kg)
Main Engine
Power inboard (hp)
Power outboard (hp)
Second engine
Cruising speed (nodes)
Max speed
Fuel type
Fuel consumption (L/h)
Fuel capacity
Water capacity


Maximum passengers
The staff or captain sleep in the living room


  • Skippered
  • Crew: 1

Boat Location

Port check-in
Check-in time
Port check-out
Check-out time
Marina - Miraggio Paliouri (Chalkidiki) GR, Pier location


Choose a boat! Choose your theme cruise! Choose your experience level!

If it’s your first experience with sailing yachts in general or you don’t prefer to cover long distances at sea between destinations, then the cruises available on this level are the most suitable for you. The chosen areas are usually of mild winds throughout the whole season, with a variety of anchorage options in case of bad weather. At this level, your participation in the sailing procedures is optional but during the cruise, our crew will still be happy to provide you with all the necessary information and teach you all the basic skills. The “Beginner” level is recommended for families with young children or for passengers with little or no previous experience in sailing.
Small distances (Approx. 150NM in total)
Mild winds (2-4 BF) Beginner
Optional participation in sailing /No previous experience /All ages

This level addresses to people with some previous experience or to those who want to have a more powerful start on sailing. The selected cruises cover longer distances between destinations and often meet stronger winds on the route, giving the crew a chance to test and improve their sailing skills. At this level, your participation in the sailing procedures is suggested as during practice you learn to operate as a team with different roles and duties. The “Intermediate” level is recommended for people older than 12 and for “Beginners” who want to try a higher level of sailing.
Longer distances (Approx. 200NM in total)
Medium winds (3-5 BF)
Suggested participation in sailing/Previous experience advised /Ages >12

You’ve found your place on deck, you know how to tie a knot, steer, adjust the sails and you are able to play with the wind and the waves. Join this level and conquer the N. Aegean Sea during a cruise of more than 200NM! Major crosses on a rough sea with teamwork and lots of waves will bring out the true sailor in you. Previous experience in sailing and participation on board is mandatory, as all hands on deck are needed during this demanding route. The “Advanced” level is recommended for experienced sailors or for “Intermediates” who want to extend their limits in sailing.
Long distances (Approx. 250NM in total)
Strong winds (4-6 BF)
Mandatory participation in sailing/Previous experience required/Ages >16


Our yachts can accommodate 6 passengers (plus crew), depending on the type of yacht and are fully equipped in order to provide you with the best convenience during the cruises.
Onboard, the spacious decks offer enough space for everyone to enjoy sunbath, reading or just admiring the picturesque!
Exterior and interior common lounge, shady covers, swimming platforms, and snorkeling equipment, are the basic amenities of each yacht.
Feel free to bring your own drinks, snacks and any other provisions you wish as there are refrigerators of more than 150lt to store them with safety.

* Yacht layouts and cabin configurations can slightly differ from what is shown online
Included in every yacht:

Our experienced Skipper will be your instructor during sailing and your navigator to all selected activities. The skipper will guide you with safety to all destinations, adjust the cruise if needed and show you all the hidden treasures along the route.

Fully equipped kitchen
All our yachts are equipped with a full kitchen set, including oven, refrigerator, cross pots, pans, and cutlery. Try your cooking skills on board and enjoy a few cooking surprises from the Skipper.

Towels & bed linen
No need to bring anything regarding bed sheets, towels, and pillows with you. Carry less luggage but don't forget to bring your swimsuit and a beach towel. Oh, sun cream, sunglasses and a hat are highly advised!

Snorkeling equipment
What a better way to enjoy those crystal-clear waters and discover the depth than snorkeling! Every yacht has the proper equipment for adults and children to use in every hidden paradise of the cruise.


Charter Prices

  • Prices are priced depending on the season, the time of your reservation, the time of your reservation and the duration of the rental. Book your trip today to live the dream and never forget, once is never enough.
Original Price With Skiper
Original Price Without Skiper
2 Apr. 2022 - 27 May. 2022
Original Price With Skiper
943,00€ / per night
Original Price Without Skiper
28 May. 2022 - 15 Jul. 2022
Original Price With Skiper
1.071,00€ / per night
Original Price Without Skiper
16 Jul. 2022 - 26 Aug. 2022
Original Price With Skiper
1.171,00€ / per night
Original Price Without Skiper
27 Aug. 2022 - 30 Sep. 2022
Original Price With Skiper
1.071,00€ / per night
Original Price Without Skiper
1 Oct. 2022 - 28 Oct. 2022
Original Price With Skiper
943,00€ / per night
Original Price Without Skiper


Notes from the yacht owner

The thematic cruise adds value to the experience of sailing and nautical tourism as it provides ready-made solutions for sailing routes but also offers the opportunity for nautical routes combining elements of the local natural, cultural and human environment.

It provides a personalized interactive experience for travelers of all ages through a dynamic online shop, whereby the potential visitor can be well-informed about the products/services offered and set up a tour on their own, choosing from a variety of interactive and educational activities.

Availability Calendar (Real Time)

Rental Information

  1. Browse the website and find, or destination, or boat or set travel dates. The system allows you to set only available dates in the calendar. If you wish, select optional services or captain if not mandatory, check the cost on the trip form and Click send to confirm. At no charge you will receive email updates about the trip you have chosen. You will only be charged if the reservation is accepted and paid for.
  2. You will receive a new email from the owner confirming the availability of the vessel. Click on the form you received to book online, instantly charging your account with the rental cost. The deadline for payment is 24 hours.You do not have to register, with your payment the company automatically creates your account.
  3. If your reservation is made within 30 days prior to departure, pay the full amount of the rent. Otherwise, you will immediately pay the deposit and payout 30 days before departure. The amount of rent paid by you is only for the price of the boat, so discounts or offers follow this price. All extras, captain, guarantee or APA are paid upon check-in to the owner upon completion of the reservation Prices include VAT.
  4. Please note that in the list of benefits below, the extra charge (per person *), except for one person charged on the voyage form, the remaining charges will be calculated by the boat owner at check in for those who request it.


                                                                                                   SEND  OFFER 


Included In Rental Price
Standard Charter Pack
Marina Fees At The Base
Marina Fees On The Trip
Final Cleaning
Bedlinen And Towels
Breakfast (Per Person*)
Extra Gas Bottle
Dinghy Auxiliary Machine
Boat Insurance
Optional Extras
Facilities description
Standard Charter

In every cruise the final price includes:

Accommodation and use for 8days/7nights in a yacht
Tailored itinerary
water consumption and shore power
Breakfast and snacks
Transfer between activities
Guided Tours
Professional Skipper
Access to all ODYSSEA events and activities
Dinghy & outboard engine
Yacht equipment
Snorkeling equipment
Stereo & cockpit speakers
Final cleaning of yacht
Towels & bed linen

Insurance Pack Online

Do you have travel insurance?

Do you have skipper security?

Do you have a travel cancellation insurance?

Do you have security of the amount of the guarantee?

Choose one of the four BASIC, SILVER, GOLD, PREMIUM packages and secure online with or without exemption from €159.66

Alternatively, you can only insure the security of the BOND INSURANCE PLUS from €71.43

                       Click Here

Do you have a skipper liability insurance?

Choose one of our recommended packages and secure online from €84,03

                       Click Here

Equipment List

Bimini top
Boarding ladder
Deck shower
Folding propeller
Furling Genoa
Furling Mainsail
reefing main & roller head sail
220/12 Volt Converter
Full Cab Equipment
Full Kitchen Equipment
Galey equipment
Gas cookers
Mask and swimming fins
Radio-CD Mp3 player
Nautical mile counter
Auto pilot
Cockpit control panel
Cockpit Table
GPS plotter
Main compass
Nautical maps
Navigation lights
Box of flares
Horses Shoe Lifebuoy
Life jackets
Ring lifebuoy
  • Phone:
    +30-2314 051 800

  • 1 Nikis L. Avenue,
    54624 Thessaloniki Greece

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