Boat rental Zante 'Navagio' (Shipwreck) - Diamond Yachting

Boat rental Zante 'Navagio' (Shipwreck) - Diamond Yachting

Zante the Flower of the East or 'Fiore di Levante'. The home of Greek poets D. Solomos and A. Kalvos welcomes you to its famous beaches.
The highly photographed Navagio 'Shipwreck' with the glittering turquoise of the sea is forever indelible in your memory.
Laganas, with its 9 km of blue beach, is the most cosmopolitan side of the island. Here water sports are forbidden, as the bay belongs to the protected area for the reproduction of the Caretta-Caretta turtle, and especially the area of Sequana east of Lagana. The ban on water sports also applies to Gerakas, another excellent beach that resembles African landscape. You can swim in its warm waters and enjoy wonderful moments, but you will not forget that at sunset you will leave by giving your place to the other residents of the beach, the rare turtles.
The Helmi Museum of Natural History is 13 km from the center. It consists of three rooms with different themes that express the area and not only.
Vassilikos is the Laganas Bay peninsula and is a green tourist resort with a host of luxury hotels, traditional guesthouses, restaurants and picturesque taverns.
Marathonissi, a small island, is located in the bay of Laganas, only accessible by boat. It does not provide catering services for this, it is good to buy food and water before you visit it.
On the northwest side of the island are the famous Blue Caves. Odorous geological formations combined with the blue of the sea, have created this incredible spectacle that you have to meet.
You can visit Strofades, the two Stamphani and Arpia islands, 37 miles from Zakynthos, which are part of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos. On the largest island, Stamphani, lies the imposing crater mountain, built in 1241, dedicated to the Metamorphosis of the Savior Christ and to the Virgin of All Chara.
In the city of Zakynthos, the patron saint of Agios Dionysios occupies a dominant role with the church of the same name. There is the indestructible body of the Saint, which was transported to its rescue from the Stamphani Island and is a place of pilgrimage. Zakynthos Town is located on the hill of Bohali Hill and a stroll through the beautiful old quarter will impress you with the amazing view of the harbor.
After the devastating earthquake of 1953, the city was rebuilt, with a host of businesses, modern settlements and tourist accommodation offering a high quality of accommodation. On the squares of St. Mark and Solomos you will find plenty of cafes, restaurants, and shops.
Try the traditional food of Zakynthians in 'Sartsa' with veal and pieces of Zakynthian ladotyri as well as the famous 'Villages Stoufados'. If you find Easter on the island, do not forget to watch the Holy Saturday breaking the kantades and enjoy in a restaurant, the 'Sgatgetto', made from pork meat roasted in the sun. Accompany the red wine of your choice from the 60 different varieties of vineyards on the island.
Zakynthos has an airport 6km from the capital of the island. The main harbor in Zakynthos serves daily ferry boats as well as pleasure boats offering a safe haven, especially from NW winds. Pay attention to the reef marked with a red buoy on the eastern entrance of the harbor. Next port is Ag.Nikolaos in Volimes and the smaller ones with secure mooring at Ag.Sotis, Keri, and Alykes.

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