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Boat rental Volos - Diamond Yachting

Volos is a city of Thessaly, located by the Pagasitic Gulf, near the site of ancient Iolkos from where Jason started with Argo and his companions for the Argonaut campaign and at the foot of Pelion mountain of the Centaurs, with its graphics his villages.

It is located almost in the center of Greece between the capital Athens (distance 325 km) and the co-capital Thessaloniki (distance 215 km). It is one of the largest cities dynamic and modern and one of the most important ports in Greece.

The area of ​​Volos, ancient Magnesia, is one of the first areas inhabited in Greece. The settlements discovered in the nearby villages of Sesklo and Dimini date from the 7th millennium BC, while the cultural presence in the area continues uninterrupted to this day.

The city's economy thrives on trade, industry, crafts and tourism. Modern city with cultural flourishing, intellectual creation that harmoniously combines the neoclassical with the modern. One of the features of Volos is the liveliness and dynamism that the city has, the intense life as well as the very good market that it has.

On the endless coastal front you will gaze at the sea with its numerous yachts and it is worth visiting the famous tsipouro restaurants of the area where you will enjoy the established tsipouro accompanied by wonderful seafood delicacies.

Tsipouro restaurants are a tradition that comes from the refugees from Asia Minor, who brought with them wonderful habits. They gathered in the small cafes of the port, drinking tsipouro accompanied by fresh seafood delicacies. In the city you will find over 350 tsipouro restaurants.

The city is located a breath away from the beautiful villages of Pelion, the wonderful beaches of the Pagasitic Gulf and the Aegean but also from the islands of the Northern Sporades.

It has excellent tourist infrastructure and has many and comfortable hotels, hostels, rooms to let, intense nightlife & wonderful restaurants.

Have to do:

The train of Pelion: 'Moutzouris' the famous train of Pelion traveled the distance Volos - Milies for about 70 years. Today the train travels a shorter route connecting Ano Lechonia with Milies. Do not forget to take a ride on the train, the route will enchant you and will reward you for your choice!!

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