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Boat rental CHANIA - Diamond Yachting


One of the most beautiful cities of Crete and Greece, respectively. The old town of Chania is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean. It has been inhabited since the Neolithic era and the Minoans built Kydonia there, being an important city-state with borders from the sea to the foot of the White Mountains. We also find references to Homer who mentioned it in the Odyssey (iii.330).

It was conquered during its history by Romans, Arabs, Venetians, Ottomans until its liberation and the unification of Crete with Greece on December 1, 1913.

Famous people are the politician Eleftherios Venizelos (1864–1936), an important political figure of Greece during the 20th century, the famous composer Mikis Theodorakis 1925 -2021, the famous singer Nana Mouskouri, Alexis Minotis, famous actor 1898-1967 the Prime Minister of Greece Konstantinos Mitsotakis 1918-2017.

Chania will impress you at first sight. Walks in the port, in the Venetian lighthouse, in the Great Arsenal, in Kum Kapi, in Halepa. Accommodation in villas that have become luxury hostels and entertainment in cafes, bars, restaurants and places of culture.

A little further from the city of Akrotiri, the beautiful beaches of Agia Marina, Stalos, Platanias. Even further the exotic Balos and Falassarna with the turquoise waters. To the south, the world-famous Samaria Gorge extends, inviting you to cross it.

The visitor can wander in the narrow alleys and in various places can meet samples of all the cultures that passed through it. In the center is the hill of Kastelli which is inhabited since the Neolithic era and is a fortified place next to the old port. In it are the palace of the High Commissioner of Crete during the period of the Cretan State, as well as archeological sites from the Minoan era.

There are many taverns in its picturesque alleys. There is also the church of Agios Nikolaos, which during the Venetian rule was the church of Agios Nikolaos of the Dominicans. Walking towards the sea we see the Venetian neoria (of 1497), the carnagia, which once made war galleys. On the west side of Kasteli is Santrivani Square, which is the tourist heart of the city. From there you can board boats that visit the Venetian castles on the islands of Ag. Theodoron and Gramvousa.

A little further is the square of Trimartyri with the metropolis of Chania and the archeological museum that is housed in the Venetian church of St. Francesco. "Stivanadika" are also located there. It is the area where there are shops that process leather and manufacture various leather goods. They got their name from the stivania, the Cretan boots, where they were made there for centuries. Also, a little further east are the "Macheradika", where there are many traditional shops that still make Cretan knives, today they still operate repairing boats and boats.

A little further south from the square of the three martyrs is the square of the New Stores. The official name of the square is 1866 Square. The square was named in honor of the great Cretan revolution (1866-1869) against the Turks. There are the shops of the city from the beginning of the 20th century. Today one can find many picturesque shops and cafes. There are also city and intercity bus stations.


The gastronomic treasures spring from the verdant olive groves, the vineyards and the orchards that offer the pure raw materials to the creators of the famous Cretan diet. The cartography of taste in Chania begins with a faded good morning of a sweet bougatsa (with a secret Asia Minor recipe that is lost in the depths of the centuries). The sequel finds your steps leading to where the heart of the city beats. In the Municipal Market of Chania. The gastronomic temple of smell, sight and taste, with dozens of aromatic herbs and fresh herbs - stamnagathi, ouvries, papules, fennel, handmade wedding buns and ornate wreaths of dried bread, stavifo myviaro and sheep graviera gamopilafo, smoked riffs but also sea treasures: a sea urchin salad or a gorgeous kakkavia.

The delicious wandering continues with a walk in the Old Town and the Venetian Port. Plenty of restaurants with fragrant eggs with staka, hot socks with mizithra and honey, goat with stamnagathi, traditional Cretan dako, snails burbouristoi, Hanioti bureki, crispy xerotigana watered with honey…. Thirst with deep red lettuce, the "nectar" of the gods from Cretan vines and for the end a frozen tsikoudia! You are in Crete anyway…

Useful phone numbers:

Chania Hospital (Mournies): 28210 22000

Blood Donation Station: 28210 22501

Souda Naval Hospital: 28210 89307

Red Cross: 28210 52550

Mental Illness: 28210 81611

Regional Clinics:

Alikianou: 28210 77300 Aroniou: 28210 63336 Geraniou: 28210 61268 Kontopoulon: 28210 65211 Lakkon: 28210 67225 Maleme: 28210 62360 Mesklon: 28210 67356 Dere: 28210 77995 Soudas: 28210 23538

Chania Port Authorities:

Chania: 28210 98888 Souda: 28210 89240

Police Stations - Stations:

Chania: 28210 28744 Airport: 28210 63033 Alikianou: 28210 77127 Prefecture of Kydonia: 28210 32200 Souda: 28210 89316 Traffic Department: 28210 28758

Security Department: 28210 28750

Department of Tourism: 28210 53333 - 171

Boat rental CHANIA - Diamond Yachting

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