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Boat rental Kythnos - Diamond Yachting

The beautiful Kythnos is an island of the western Cyclades and famous for its hot springs in the bay of Loutra, from which it also took the name Thermia. Its first inhabitants, Dryopes with their king Kythnos, from where its name.

The island's capital, Chora or Mesaria, exudes a Cycladic scent capable of enchanting you every step of the way. We find her with Kea and Serifos at 56nm. from the port of Piraeus. Merichas' main port, with a marina for refueling and watering. The whitewashed houses in Mesaria, Dryopida, Loutra, Mericha, Panagia Kanala with the church of the same name, built in 1869, are a perfect color contrast to the rocky landscape of the island. By contrasting it, you discover the purity of the landscape of an island that belongs to today but is so close to yesterday. Its tourist development is gradual, rising and promising.

In the traditional village of Dryopida you can visit the Byzantine Museum, the Folklore, the Monument of Fallen and the important sights of the island, the Katafyki Cave. The Cave with a 180m open area, has been a haven for the inhabitants in the past. Later, it was used as an iron ore, and nowadays stalactites and stalagmites are an impressive interior decoration that is worth discovering.

On the northeastern side of the island are the Baths with their hot springs. Famous for its thermal baths suitable for musculoskeletal disorders, infertility treatments or disease prevention. The Hellenic Ministry of Culture described its old building facilities as Ottoman reign as a Historical Monument. Today they have been renovated and during the summer months they are a pole of attraction for the lovers of healing tourism. There is also the first wind farm in Europe, with wind turbines generating electricity using the power of the Cycladic wind.

Southeast of the island is the temple of Panaghia Kanala with the miraculous icon in the homonymous seaside settlement. On the 15th of August in Grace she becomes a brilliant feast, with a crowd of people attending the events.
The island is also ideal for hikers, as a picturesque network of routes highlights all the beauties of Kythnos.

In the area of ​​Loutra, diving friends are invited to discover its rare bottom and those who love fishing will be thrilled by the rich catches of the crystal clear sea around them.

Numerous and spotless beaches welcome visitors every year. Among them stands Kolonna. An impressive sight is presented as a strip of land separates the sea and creates two wonderful beaches. Those who love sand beaches can only visit Agios Dimitrios, Apokrousis, Megali Ammos Kanala, Flambouria and Mericha. Beautiful windy coves are found in Episkopi, Trivlakas and Agios Stefanos. All the beaches of the island offer peace and tranquility.

The gastronomic treasures that you need to taste are the extraordinary trimmings or whiskey of white cheese hidden in the delicious 'sponge', or Kythnos cheese, combined with warmth wine and smoked thyme honey from the best of Greece.

The island of yesterday and today offers many and promises even more in the future for all those who wish to experience it and to wander through its original history.

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