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Boat rental Skiros - Diamond Yachting

It looks like a Cycladic island, due to the architecture of its whitewashed houses built next to each other, but it is not ..
It is the unique island of the Sporades that strikes in the heart of the Aegean, the beloved Skyros.
The majestic beauty enchants every visitor. Island with a deep history over the centuries.
According to the Greek mythology, the hero Theseus died (who freed people from human sacrifices, killing the Minotaur). That's where Thetis hid her little son Achilles in order not to take part in the Trojan War and killed according to the oracles. There Odysseus discovered Achilles, who, although disguised as a girl by his mother, met him and took him with him to Troy by verifying the oracle of his death. There, the god Dionysus was worshiped and traditional anniversaries are being held every year, reviving Dionysian ceremonies in the period of the Triodion. The Skyrian Carnival with "Elder" Kóreles and "Franks" make it one of the best in the country.
With the capital of Chora, built like an expensive necklace around the neck of a tall rock in the center of the island, he gazes at the Byzantine Monastery of Agios Georgios, all the beauty of the island. Beautiful seaside villages Magazia, Molos, Puria surround it, giving shine to their flowered gardens. Harbor Linaria, with the ferry boats going daily from Kymi Evia.
Tavernas, traditional shops of Skyrian art with woven and carved furniture, bars with music, cafes, food markets, clinics, pharmacies are everywhere on the island, offering amenities to its guests.
When you get off at Molos, you will surely pass by Magazia that does not mean shops but it is the most famous sandy beaches of the island next to each other. You will find good food and organized beach bars. The beaches of Atsitsa and Petritza are considered the most picturesque. Very beautiful and Pefkos is a small bay with crystal clear sea. Lindos, Kyra Panagia, Kolymbada with sand and fine pebbles gather enough people in the summer months.
The Folklore and the Archaeological Museum, the Archaeological Site of Magazia, reveal the island's prominent archaeological heritage.
The gastronomy of the island is a pleasant surprise. Affordable prices make lobster a popular dish, as the lobster has a hometown, Skyros.
Lovers of the species, welcome to the guide of absolute taste.

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