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Boat rental Alonnissos - Diamond Yachting

An emerald state rocked in the waters of the Aegean and captivates the beauty of every visitor.
The reason for the greedy witch, Alonissos.
Thousands and one image weave the silk veil of this wonderful island. A fairy tale, with countless treasures hiding on the bottom, crystal clear waters and aromatic forests.
The Mediterranean monk seal, the protected species monachus monachus, discovered this corner of the Mediterranean and made it a safe haven for ever. The largest protected marine area of ​​Europe is right there, at the Alonissos National Marine Park.
The capital of the island is Chora with its main port of Patitiri in the southeast of the island. You can find shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, a doctor's office, a bank as well as many taverns and coffee bars.
The ancient name of the island was Ikos, inhabited since the 13th millennium BC. according to the excavations. Many tools and animal fossils of that era have been found. The Cretans, in the 16th century. B.C. with their captain Staphylos establishing colonies on the island. An island from ancient times to the present day is a naval passage, testify to the many shipwrecks that lie on its bottom. Particularly on the island of Peristera there is one of the most important shipwrecks. His discovery proved that ancient Greek shipbuilders could build large capacity ships from then on. Also, on the west side of the same island there are three great shipwrecks of the 12th-13th century. at a depth of 50-58 meters. By 1996 ministerial decision the area was proclaimed a "enormous archaeological site" and a marine park of 2,500 sq. Km was created. Visible areas from 2015 for diving enthusiasts were defined, the island of Alonissos and its smaller ones, such as Peristera, areas of Skopelos and the region of the southern Pagasitic Gulf. Peristera, Kyra Panagia (where the homonymous monastery is preserved and the ancient Alonnisos is preserved), Scandzoura, Yiara, Psathoura, Piperi are some of the small islands located in the area of ​​Alonissos and constitute an imperative destination for its lovers yachting.
The beaches of Alonissos promise a lot and they do it all. Agios Dimitrios, Milia, Chrissi Milia, Tzortzis Gialos, Steni Vala favorite sailing boat, Glyfa and Votsi some of them. Others with fine sand, others with small pebbles, but all with crystal clear waters that do not need to have a mask to see their bottom. It's incredible but you can see everything.Many of them have small taverns with fresh fish or grilled meats that satisfy every visitor. The hospitality of the island's residents and professionals is unparalleled.
Small churches such as Agii Anargyri, Agios Konstantinos, Agios Georgios and the Monastery of Kyra Panagia are built amphitheatrically, giving peace of mind by looking at the absolute blue sea and sky. Every year, on the day of their celebration, there are celebrations after the operation, with local and many visitors to the island.
Evenings and meetings of cultural events are organized each year with great participation in the Alonissa, the Fisherman's Evening, the Traditional Cheese Pie, the Traditional Dances Festival and the Panhellenic Meeting of Inflatable Boats.
Wherever you travel in the Sporades one is sure that this island will become your everyday destination.

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