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Boat rental Agio oros - Diamond Yachting

Mount Athos is located on the third leg of Halkidiki on the eastern peninsula of Athos in Macedonia and is a self-governing part of the Greek state. Karyes is the capital of Mount Athos since the 10th century. Mount Athos is an area of intense natural virgin vegetation where the monasteries are built within this environment. In Karyes the 19 monastery correspondents from the 20 monasteries reside in buildings, called Konakia.  The central temple of Karyes is the Protaton. In Karyes there are the monks' cells, the buildings of the Administration, the Police, the offices, the post office, the bakeries and the ecclesiastical shops. As Greek mythology mentions, Mount Athos is associated with the giant battle that took place between the Olympian gods and the giants with the leader of the Battle of Athos.  According to mythology, Athos threw a large rock from Thrace against Poseidon, but failed, and the rock fell into the sea, creating a mountain, which was given its name. In 368 BC Philip II conquered the peninsula of Athos and the surrounding areas. Later, when Theotokos, together with the student John, wanted to visit Lazaros in Cyprus, but because of a large bourtone they were forced to go to the coast, today holy monastery of Iveron. It is said that the Theotokos heard the voice of a god from heaven, saying, "Let this place be your clergy and parlor, and paradise, and salvation for the salvation of the wilderness." Thus it was established that Mount Athos is today "the clergy and the orchard of the Virgin". In the 5th century, John Kolovos built the first Monastery in Megali Vigla on the north side of Mount Athos. The borders of Athos were defined and the entrance of the secular and the shepherds was forbidden. With a golden crown in 885 BC the Emperor Basil I appointed Athos as the exclusive place of ascetic residence, excluding the shepherds, farmers and any other secular. So Athos has since begun to be the exclusive place of residence of the ascetics. Athonite monasticism began within a short time to develop through three stages: the ascetic, the communal and the communal. The first hermit monks settled at the beginning of the peninsula but slowly began to move to completely inaccessible and inaccessible areas of the peninsula. Later the monks gathered in the so-called "lairs" (organized groups of monks). The entry and stay of women is forbidden on the Mount Athos peninsula. This prohibition has as a spiritual basis the dedication of Mount Athos to the Virgin Mary and the virginity of the monks living in it. It is also called "avaton" from the beginning of the establishment of the Monastic State, which is characterized as "Autonomous Monastic State, which includes twenty Sacred Monasteries and other monastic foundations. These monasteries are divided into five quadrants, each of which has five years for the one year of the Holy Guard.  The (a) Quartet includes the monasteries: Esphigmenou, Megisti Lavra, Dochiariou and Xenophontos. The (b) Quartet includes the monasteries: Vatopediou, Koutloumousiou, Stavronikata and Karakalou. The (c) Quartet includes the monasteries: Pantocrator, Iveron, Philotheus and Simonos Petras. The (d) Quartet includes the monasteries: Grigorios, Chilandari, Xeropotamos and Agios Pavlos. The (e) Quartet includes the monasteries: Zografou, Agios Panteleimonos, Dionysios and Konstantonitou.

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