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Boat rental Santorini - Diamond Yachting

Sensual Magnificent Unpredictable.

The Empress of the Mediterranean, stands high on its throne while gazing at the volcanic landscape, with Kameni dominating and reminiscent of the distant past of the great explosion.

An island of incredible beauty, with whitewashed homes spilling between volcanic blacks and red rocks 2.5 years old. Today, together with Mykonos, it is the absolute must for anyone wishing to live Myth.

The diversity of the landscape between black, red and white beaches combined with the whitewash of the houses, portrays itself as a painting in the deep blue of the sea. Millions are visitors as Santorini is one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Fira as the capital of the island, holds the lead in traffic with Oia of the magical sunset. The island's airport accepts daily dozens of flights with tourists from all over the world, preparing to enjoy their holiday on the magical island. If you arrive by boat and as you approach the main harbor of Athinios or Mesa Yialos, you face the imposing Caldera, with its white houses sprouting on the top of the cliff. The ways to get to the top are two. One requires you to climb the 587 steps on foot or the charming mule. The other is to take the cable car, which in a short time will bring you to your destination. Start early in the morning with the cool breeze caressing your face. Walk from Fira to Firostefani and Imerovigli. Admire the perfect Cycladic architecture of the houses and the exciting luxurious resorts with their pools literally hanging from the caldera rock. The enchanting horizon, listening to soft music from the lounge-cafe, invite you to sit and enjoy a dreamlike moment overlooking the volcano. Wander through the narrow streets of Fira, between traditional folk art shops, expensive boutiques and well-known jewelers. In the afternoon, ascend to Oia. Indulge in the red fiery rays of the sun that are lost at the bottom of the sea and capture the moment in a camera lens. Meet people from all over the world walking in the picturesque alleys.

Coupled couples have a life-like dream to join their lives against the backdrop of the incredible beauty of Santorini. Magnificent weddings, wedding travels, wedding vows renewal overlooking the explosive caldera, turn the ceremony into an unprecedented experience. Orthodox marriages in the churches, Catholic weddings in the Catholic church of the island or political weddings in the room of a luxury hotel, an idyllic restaurant or a cheerful beach bar or even a traditional winery are some of the suggestions that will make these moments really fairy-tale. Amazing photos of loved couples who have managed to make the dream come true under the bright sun, the charming sunset or the dusk with the moon to be the silver. The theatrical scenery that nature and people contributed to creating it is sure to leave you exciting memories.

During your stay, visit the beautiful villages of Karterados, Mesaria, Vourvoulo, Vothona, Pyrgos and Emporios. The rare archaeological site of ancient Thira in Akrotiri, with findings from 1615 BC. will take you to the era of great explosion. The archaeological excavation in 1967 by Spyros Marinatos brought to light 26% of the archaeological site. Walk on paved streets of the 5th millenium BC. Admire the two-storey houses with amazing frescoes, squares and a well-constructed sewer system from the Bronze Age. Many of the findings of the area are kept in the archaeological museum of Santorini.

The acquaintance with the island does not stop there. Apart from Athenian port, Santorini has several natural harbors. Kamari and Perissa are among the oldest, which approach hundreds of boats visiting the island. At the southern edge is Vlihada, which also has its own marina. In Oia there is Ammoudi and the bay of Armeni. To the Northeast we find small shelters in Bourguio and Pori. And do not forget that the island of Thirasia opposite Santorini is suitable for a visit or for a stay in the bay of Riva. 

The beaches of the island do not look like those of the rest of Greece. They are the frozen beasts of the earth that nature allows us to admire. The imposing Red Beach with the volcanic lava standing on the rocks stands in front of us. Another option is the black beach with the Ebenini sand in Perivolos and the cosmopolitan bustle of Kamari. The youthful joyous Perissa and next to it, with the touristic activity of the organized Perivolos. In Monolithos we find the beach that families prefer. The isolated Vlychada is suitable for peace and enjoyment. And for the bold, the wild landscape in Old Kameni makes them forget where they are. The sense of sulphurous water that springs from its hot springs, combined with the dark blue lava, gives the impression that you have gone to another galactic dimension.

Full of souls filled with the divine beauties of the beloved Santorini, precious precious treasures await you to enjoy in one of the many restaurants on the island. Famous chefs create amazing specialties in the island's luxurious retreat. Local restaurateurs have the sea treasures of lobsters, sun-dried octopuses, huge crabs and fresh fish. Traditional recipes such as the famous Fava of Santorini, the delicious tomato balls with chrysotry and small red tomatoes with spicy capers are offered all over the island.

The tradition of Santorini in the production of wine is lost over the centuries. The famous Asyrtiko, white and red wine from the volcanic vineyards of the island cool the body and the souls. The rare autochthonous vineyards of the island gave the amazing Nycteri, Brousco and the rare sweet Winsando wine.

As you move away from the magical island, you will wonder what words have the power to describe something so wonderful ...

Do the fairy tales have an explanation?

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