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Boat rental Milos - Diamond Yachting

One of the most beautiful islands in Greece, Milos, in the shape of a petal, took its name from Milos, who was its first resident.

Of the first Aegean islands inhabited by 7,000 BC. and was particularly well-known by the discovery of the obsidian stone, a mineral that used to build weapons and tools of that time. The amazing result created by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago is what the visitor admire as he faces the island.

Plaka, the capital of the island, invites you to walk in its streets, keeping the beauty of Cycladic architecture intact. Sit for coffee or for dinner at the magnificent taverns with magnificent views of the bay of the island. Plaka is the Venetian castle of the 13th century. with the church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and the metropolis of the island, Panagia Korfiatissa. You will also find the archaeological and folk museum with important presentations.

The main natural harbor of Milos, Adamantas, inside the 'petalos' and less Pollonia, located at its northeastern end. In Adamas there are also the famous hot springs of the island, the Lakos spring, with remarkable healing properties.

Milos has an airport with many routes to take place daily from Athens. Adamas accepts ferry boats from Piraeus, Lavrio, other islands and from Crete. At its pier, dozens of sailboats and motor boats take your tour of daily getaways, as the best way to explore the beaches and beaches of the island is by sea.

Explosive beauty beaches with white, red, orange and pink rocks created over 70 magical beaches. On the southern side is the most photographed spot of Milos, Kleftiko. These amazing creations of nature are not beaches. It is a geological phenomenon that over the centuries has created creeks, caves, and openings under whitish rocks. In the past, it was a pirates' ship whose boats were protected from the August fever.

In Adamas there are two beaches, Papikinos and Achivadolimnis. The wild northern beaches impress with the sculpture of their rocks with the Sarakiniko stand out, because of its whitewashed volcanic rocks combined with the complete lack of vegetation, it creates an eerie view. Follows Papafragas, Mytaka and Alogomandra with small creeks, hidden beaches and caves.

Pollonia on the northeastern side is the natural harbor of Milos, with a sandy beach and a number of boats to visit it every day. It has dining and accommodation facilities for its guests. There is also the ancient city of Filakopi, an important commercial and cultural center with findings of habitation 3,000 years ago. Most of it is at the bottom of the sea. The cyclopean wall, the sanctuary and the palace of the settlement are preserved.

On the west side of the island, the impressive, wild beauty of the beaches of Agios Ioannis, Ammoudaraki and Trides are accessible only by boat. Your reward will be the magnificent view of sea caves and the feeling of absolute isolation.

In the South, apart from Kleftiko, they enjoy natural protection from the northern winds, the Elder, Agia Kyriaki, Fyriplaka and Tsigrados, with crystal blue waters.

In the village of Tripiti there are the famous three 'Catacombs of Milos', 185 meters in length. A place of protection from the persecutions of the early Christians, who are among the best preserved in the world among those of Rome and the Holy Land.

In the East at Paliorema bay you will see the sulfur mines, reminding of the mining history of the island.

In the seaside settlement of Klima, near Adamas, there is the ancient theater, which was first constructed in the 3rd century BC. Due to the destruction of the island by the Athenians in 416 BC, the theater was rebuilt in the 1st century. A.D. by his then Roman conquerors. For the reconstruction were used the whitewashed marbles of Paros, which are preserved in a good enough condition to this day. It offers unique musical or theatrical events, accommodating up to 700 people, perfect acoustics and spectacular views to the harbor.

For the end we left the beloved, beloved, divine beauty of the famous statue of Aphrodite of Milos, which is not on the island. The Louvre Museum in Paris is its current residence. You can admire an identical copy of it at the Archaeological Museum of the island.

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