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Boat rental Paxos - Antipaxos - Diamond Yachting


Paxos, according to Greek mythology, was created when the god of the sea Neptune hit with his trident and cut off the southern tip of Corfu. He wanted to have a safe erotic shelter for himself and the beautiful Nirrida Amphitrite, but during this effort, he lost his trident, but the Paxians found it and they still have their eternal symbol. Wonderful result, the complex lace bay and the lush, stunning beaches with turquoise waters invade magical sea caves.

Paxi is just off the coast of Corfu just 7 Nm. and 8 nm from the continental coasts and 12 nm. from Parga.

The capital of Paxos, the picturesque Gaios, with thousands of visitors each year walking on its scenic streets. Nearby are two islets, Panagia and Agios Nikolaos.

Dozens of sailboats and superyachts find coveted harbors and picturesque bays to launch safely. Making the tour, you will encounter exotic beaches with amazing blue colors, such as Avlaki, Galazio, Arkoudaki, Orko, Kanoni, Monodendri, Salti, Kipiada, Marmari, Levrehio and Kali Lagada.


Thirty minutes by speedboat from Gaios are the Antipaxos. A tiny island of 3 sq. Km, with crystal clear blue waters and the well-known pebble beaches, Vrika and Voutomi.

Their wonderful Vineyards produce the famous black wine, able to travel you to magical and dreamy worlds.

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