Boat rental Ithaca Vathi Lazareto island - Diamond Yachting

Boat rental Ithaca Vathi Lazareto island - Diamond Yachting

When you go to Ithaca,

to long wait for the long road,

full of adventures, full of knowledge.

Many summer summers are

who with what pleasure, with what joy

You will enter ports in the first place .. '

K. Cavafis

A hymn by poet K. Cavafy about Ithaca, the island of King Odysseus, the island of Homer's Nestos.

The emerald of the Ionian Sea, with all-white beaches and turquoise waters embracing it, stands proudly over the centuries.

Its capital, Ithaca or Vathi, in the southern part of the island, is built around a natural bay. A breath away from it, the pine-covered island of Lazaretto, conceals its one and only building, the small chapel of the Transfiguration of the Savior.

Successful exploration of the island is done only by boat. Top beaches well hidden, waiting for the traveler to discover them. White pebbles reflect on them the sunlight with the trees reaching almost to the sea. A scenery of wild beauty in calm beaches.

The beach of Aetos is ideal for swimming and one of the best is Platis Ammos, a large and beautiful beach with pebbles and sand, only accessible by boat. In August, it is filled with sailboats, super yachts, motor yachts and inflatables that arrive from Fiskardo, Vathi, Frikes and other areas of the Ionian Sea.

Some beaches to visit are Skinos, Loutsa, Filiatro, Sarakiniko, Aspros Gialos and the City.

A variety of organic products are produced on the island. It is worthwhile to taste virgin olive oil from the local variety 'Thiakos' as well as the two varieties of wine, the mavrodaphne and the white.

It is certain that as you leave the island, you will also go with Nostos' wine as its eternal king, the mythical Odysseus.

In Vathi, in the capital of Ithaca, there is one of the safest ports in Greece. It is perfectly protected from the winds in a closed natural bay with additional natural cover as the highest mountain of the island rises in front of you, the Nitrous. In the port area, you will find various services, restaurants, cafes, and shops. There you will also see the beautiful island of Lazaretto. To the west of the island, there is the port of Pissaetos with increased activity in recent years, which is opposite Sami of Kefalonia. In the northern part of the island, there is also a smaller port in Frikes, which also serves local routes from Lefkada.

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