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Boat rental Kefalonia Lagoon Melissani - Diamond Yachting

<If I am a poet I owe it to the air of Greece> Lord Byron 

An inscription sculptured in rock by the poet himself, in the village of Lakithra, Kefalonia.

Kefalonia, a magnificent island with bustling inhabitants and its capital, the cosmopolitan Argostoli. Rare geological phenomena occur in the green island with the emerald sea. We bow to the splendor and the beauty that emits every corner of this place.

Proudly and holisticly the natural beauty of the enchanting island, from the tops of the glorious Ainos, a mountain with an altitude of 1628m. with the straight trunks of Black Fir up to 30 meters high. Far from the eyes of the people and within the ravines of Ainos are the unique wild horses of the island that have created their own shelters. Rare species of birds, such as Mapeopetrius and Vulture gyps fulvus, as well as 600 native plant species find protection on the island.

An astonishing marvel of nature takes place in Kefalonia and is no more than the famous Sinks. Its underground tunnels literally swallow sea water from Argostoli. Through the shores of the land they cross 14 kilometers in a straight line and after joining with the underground crystal waters of mount Ainos, the tallest of the Ionian Islands, they reach the Melissani cave in the region of Sami. It is a phenomenon of similar size that is nowhere in Greece. Those who visit the cave of Melissani or the cave of the Nymphs with its turquoise shades on its walls will experience an amazing experience. It has a vertical entrance, created after a partial drop of its roof when a beautiful beauty lake, up to 40 meters deep, crowned by its 20,000 year old stalactites. The discovery of the cave by Yiannis Petrohilos in 1951 brought to light the small island in its center, with rare finds of worship of the ancient Greeks to the god Panas. The name of the lake was given by drowning there of the nymph Melissani, after its rejection by the god Panas.

Surprises do not stop here. Have you ever imagined a concert in a stalagmite and stalactites room, 100 million years old, having perfect sound acoustics? 3 km from Sami Drogarati cave is there on the wonderful island, ready to offer it to you. One of the most beautiful caves in Greece, with dimensions of 40x50 sq.m. the largest hall for these rare events.

Successful exploration of the island is done by boat. Argostoli, Fiskardo, Sami, Agia Efimia, Poros the famous beaches of Kefalonia, with the first and best one, perhaps one of the 5 most beautiful of Greece, Myrtos, distract enthusiastic comments. Myrto shines like a full moon with its white-washed beach all around the region, 3 km from the village of Divarata, pulling all the visitors of the island like a magnet. The red sand in Xi, crowned with the green of the trees, descends to Skala beach. The Hollywood beach of Korakli Antisamos, the quiet sandy beach of Platia Ammos in Paliki peninsula, the calm and warm waters of Kaminia beach in the village of Ratzakli, where Caretta-Caretta turtles are protected, surround Kefalonia as a precious diamond jewelery.

Its beauty complements harmoniously and inseparably the hospitable inhabitants with their strong Ionian temperament. Deeply religious have Agios Gerasimos as the patron saint of the island with the homonymous monastery in the village of Omalas, where his Holy relic is also kept. Many monasteries and churches adorn the lush island. Among them is the Monastery of Our Lady of Fidiotissa, where every year from August 6th to August 15th, small white snakes appear and circle the miraculous icon of the Virgin and then disappear. Do not forget the Venetian castle on the Assos Peninsula, which stands proud from the 16th century. in good condition, ready to welcome his guests and transfer them to the age of the Doge of Venice.

The gastronomic heritage of the island astonishes its visitors with the famous sweets, the well-known "Mandoles" made of caramelized almonds. Exquisite meat pies are the trademark and you have to taste their delicious flavors and rich aromas. A "Pastitsada" accompanied by an aromatic robola, the traditional Kefalonia wine or perhaps an "Aliada" (with enough garlic) is the accompanying dish for fried cod or for a variety of boiled vegetables, promising to reward you deliciously after touring the beautiful island .

Access to Kefalonia can be made by air charter flights for visitors who want a quick transfer, as in the southwest part, 6 km from Argostoli, is the island's airport serving millions of tourists every year. The sea access is achieved with the two biggest ports of Sami and Poros.In Argostoli you will find a well-protected harbor for anchoring small and large superyachts of boats. Lixouri, Fiskardo and Agia Efimia have harbors that can serve your excellent stay there. All ports have dining areas, shops and refueling points for the boats they receive.

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