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Boat rental Mykonos - Diamond Yachting

Mykonos the island of the Winds, Mykonos the island of the stones.
The cosmopolitan Mykonos.
It took its name from Mykonos, the son of Anios (son of god Apollo) king of Delos and of Rous (originating from Dionysos). Greek mythology reports that there Hercules murdered the Giants during the Gigantomachy. The capital of Mykonos, Chora, located on the west side of the island.
The island, with an area of ​​approximately 86 sq. Km, has a distance of 94 nautical miles from Piraeus. and 71 nm from Rafina.
He met significant tourist development since 1950 with ambassadors of the great faces of Greek and foreign literary and artistic fixation. Among them are Elytis, Kazantzakis, Seferis, Tsarouchis, Kamus, Darrell, famous stars such as Callas, Liz Taylor, Marlon Brando, Grace Kelly, and rich groves like Onassis, Niarchos and rich Arabs sheeps. Today he continues to attract celebrities, including Harrison Ford, Monica Bellucci, Michael Douglas, Jean Paul Gotti, Armani and many Russian tycoons coming to the island, enjoying the service of luxurious hotels or the comfort of their own. of their own superyachts that lay on the famous beaches of the island. All these distinguished friends have established her position as the most famous island of the Mediterranean.
The busy airport hosts dozens of daily flights from Greece and abroad. Luxury hotels and suites, traditional guesthouses and a number of rooms to let offer a comfortable stay on the island of the winds.
Mykonos is sea, fun and carefree. The beauties of the celebrities Kalo Livadi, Psarou, Paradise, Super Paradise, Elia, Ornos, Panormos, Ftelia, which compete every year for the golden crown will take their place in the preferences of the visitors. The most photographed points of the island are the small Venice, the famous windmills, the white church of Panagia Paraportiani and the wonderful harbor of Chora.
That the visitor wishes to find it on the island of the winds. Every night 'parade' of super models and fashion designers in the famous Matogianna with the famous glamorous shops of well-known Greek and foreign designers. Gourmet restaurants, traditional fish tavernas, bars, night clubs and beach bars with comfortable sun loungers, drinks, loud music and endless parties.
Sailing on the island of the winds is an amazing experience, as every mile offers rich picture alternations between bustling coasts and calm beaches. Meltemi of 5-6 beauforts, especially during July and August, require fast and experienced handling. More peaceful conditions prevail in June and September making it easier to ride.
Mykonos belongs to the elite of the islands world-wide. It offers everything to its guests, from ultimate fun to absolute tranquility, having the magical ability to eliminate by itself anything unsuitable for it. It is the island that accepts all known and unknown. She respects diversity, and what she really deserves is the two-handed respect.
Trying to explain the Mykonos phenomenon is futile.
In Mykonos you do not explain, just LIVE.

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