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Port of Alexandroupolis - Samothraki

Alexandroupolis, the largest port of Thrace with a 40 50 07 B - 025 52 05 A line is located in the eastern part of the city. Its famous Lighthouse, which has been standing in the port since 1880, was built by a French lighthouse company. Alexandroupolis has 6 km from Demokritos Airport.
The port is connected by boat with the island of Samothraki and the islands of the North Aegean. With a shorter depth of 6.5 meters, it can accept ships up to 200 meters long. It hosts commercial, passenger, fishing and tourist vessels. It has a central port office, a customs office, a fish market, a small boat yacht, 380-volt water and electricity, professional warehouses as well as technical service facilities. There are also the facilities of the Nautical Sports Club of Alexandroupolis.
The unique island that is a breath away from the port of Alexandroupolis, the mystagogical Samothraki of the Kaviera Mysteries and the birthplace of the exquisite statue of Niki of Samothraki, invites all lovers of strange and wild at the same time to forget the present and dive in the past.
Where all the elements of nature, the sun, the sea, the whirling waters in the Curbs, the soil and the stones still have the footprints of the primordial mysteries of a glorious history.

Different Destination

During its course, until today it has become a crossroads of civilizations and is the eastern gate of Europe. The Xanthi, Rodopi, and Evros counties have the big harbor of Alexandroupolis as the hub of hundreds of ships a year, having as a trademark its famous Lighthouse. The important archaeological sites of Maroneia, the Abdera hometown of Demokritos, Mesimvria as well as the Nestos River Delta, Evros with the Vistonida lagoon and the forest of Dadia in which the rarest birds of prey in Europe are to be the ornaments of a rare destination that offers its visitors as in antiquity, a rare mystical experience.

The small harbors in Avdira and Porto Lagos (the commercial harbor of Xanthi), the island with the chapel of Agios Nikolaos built on it, the islet with the chapel of Pantanassa, the port of Fanari, the cave of Cyclops Polyphemos with the famous beach Maroneia and its various cultural events, the famous concerts on the natural on the rocks theater on Marmaritsa beach, the rough diamond of North Samothraki island, make up a colorful mosaic worthy of its history and culture of Thrace.

Historical Routes

The glorious Thrace stands proudly on the eastern side of Greece.

Sister of Europe, daughter of Uranus and Parthenopi, continues to this day her everlasting course. The name of the region according to mythology comes from the son of the god Mars, Thrax. Protector of Thrace, the god Aris, whose shield was kept in his temple at Vistonida.

It is inhabited since the 3rd millennium BC. and its inhabitants worshiped equally the god of poetry Orpheus as well as the god Dionysus, with the Kaviera Mysteries taking place all over the area as well as on the island of Samothraki.

The fearless people gave her famous warriors who, with their courage and boldness during the Roman era, whose gladiators had acquired their own racing formula, called Thrax.

Her soul, her people

The beautiful Thrace is beautiful because it has nice people to live in it. Today, Christians and Muslims have been living harmoniously for centuries, giving all visitors generous hospitality and warmth.

The multiculturalism of the area has for centuries preserved rare gastronomic surprises. Difficult choice for the visitor. Pies with pickled cabbage and meat, rice with lamb, anchovy wrapped with grapes, jigeros, Christmas bamboo, Lioti PieceKlumbrek, Kühl the chicken soup and flour, the fresh fish and seafood, some of our suggestions.

And if your food has been so excited, the candy will be enchanting you. Myrhodatos kataifi and saragli, sensual chanoum-bourek with cream, hot melon in the mouth, cauldron to taste provocative, praousti sweet of spoon, soujuk loukoum with crispy nut, absolute chocolate eruption with kariokes Xanthi, are its rare sweets.

Those who travel to the northernmost part of Greece will discover the hidden beauty of a rare destination. Peaceful seas, wild landscape beauty, quiet beaches, green slopes, small harbors and the large harbor of Alexandroupolis to the Thracian gulf, embracing the mysterious Samothraki are a guarantee of the different and the rare.

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