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The island of the goddess Aphrodite, gorgeous like herself, emerges brilliantly in the southeast of Greece. The culture of the third largest Mediterranean island after Sicily and Sardinia has a history of 10,000 years. The ancient Greeks of Mycenae, settled on the island from 1400 BC. Later, many peoples lived in this corner of the earth, introducing each one's customs and customs.

Today, after the Turkish invasion of 1974, the island is divided into two. The Republic of Cyprus holds 2/3 of the island, is a member of the European Union since 2004 with high growth and one of the most important tourist destinations in the Mediterranean.

The mythical island with rich history, natural wealth, beautiful beaches, green mountains with rare black pine trees, have a special resident, the endemic Cypriot agrarian, a unique species of honey and bee.

In Cyprus there are many museums, wonderful Byzantine churches, rare libraries and galleries. Start your tour walking in the footsteps of the goddess Aphrodite from Palaiopoulos Pafos, a World Heritage Site of U.N.E.S.C.O. , as the legend of her birth begins.

Dreamy Coasts

The wine road starts from Limassol. Built between two ancient kingdoms, you see the ancient kingdom of Amathus on the east and west the ancient kingdom of Curium. In the Gulf of Limassol you will see the ruins of the temple of Aphrodite, located in the Amathus Archaeological Site. Limassol is the largest port of the island with a state-of-the-art Marina serving hundreds of boats with 650 berths. Luxury villas, restaurants, shops, gyms as well as all the necessary services for the docked boats or cruise ships that flood the island every year.
Paradise beach of Ayia Napa is one of the best beaches on the island. It is a tourist resort offering high quality holiday and an excellent attraction for water sports enthusiasts. Nature over the centuries has swept the rocks between Kermia beach and Greco Cape creating a divine architectural work, the famous Sea Palaces. Visible by boat only, they are an ideal destination for swimming and diving. In the area, there is the homonymous Monastery of Ayia Napa or Agios Forest, a building of the 15th century that is still preserved. The Temple, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, celebrating its birth on 8 September, attracting thousands of believers each year.

Down Town

Nicosia is over a thousand years the capital of the island, holding a martyrdom, as it is the world's only divided city. The city's outstanding beauty, a rich shopping and educational center, is surrounded by the medieval Venetian walls and offers one of the highest living standards to its inhabitants. Modern and traditional blend harmoniously, highlighting it as a modern European capital.

In the other large city of the island, Larnaca, the East and the West coexist. There, the church of St. Lazarus, which after resurrection dwelt on the island, and the Hala Sultan Mosque, built in honor of UMM Haram, a relative of the Prophet Muhammad. Its sights are distinguished by the magnificent coastal road with palm trees and the Medieval Castle. Larnaca has a 450-yard Marina with a maximum depth of 3 meters, with all the necessary facilities and protected from dangerous weather conditions.

Mediterranean Treasures

The gastronomic agenda of the island brings together the whole culture of the peoples who have been fortunate to live on the Cyprus Crossroads over the centuries.

The gourmet treasures of the island are known worldwide with the first and best known to all 'Haloumi'. A kind of cheese that does not melt when cooked accompanies amazingly the wonderful wine, perhaps the most ancient of the Mediterranean, which according to Homer was called Nama. When King Richard of England celebrated his marriages in Limassol, he experienced it and excitedly declared it the 'wine of the kings' or 'the king of wine'. Today known as Commandaria, it took its name from the Order of the Ioannis Knights that had its administrative castle, or Commanderie or Commandaria, in a vineyard area of ​​that variety. Whatever its name is for sure, it is one of the world's most delicious and gourmet wines.

It accompanies the rich dishes of the island, such as the 'crooked offspring' from hazelnut loaves, Cypriot lamb or pork spits, the famous 'seftalia' a sort of burgers with pork mince wrapped in lamb sloths, smell sausages, vinegrowing and minced meat and the 'sliced' a kind of potato with meat.

The drink of the Cypriots, however, from the Homeric years, is Zivania, a kind of raki or grape grape, which is drunk from the edge of the island with the accompaniment of some delicious meze.

The fertile land of Cyprus, with the sun rejuvenating it and the fresh air of the Mediterranean to breathe it, offers its inhabitants and visitors a wide variety of vegetables, pulses, golden-green olive oil and aromatic honey.

The day closes sweet with a fragrant orange pie, with a rhinoceros covered with caramelized almonds and walnuts, honey gourds with honey, sweet pastels from the black gold of the island, the carob tree and sweet or almond.

The Cypriot gastronomic manifesto is not over.

Besides, how else would a goddess leave her throne in Mount Olympus to move on to the dream island ...


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