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Macedonia, nature, ancient civilization, people, the unique beaches joining the green mountains with the emerald sea make up the largest geographical area of ​​Greece.

In antiquity it was a Greek kingdom on the northern border of Greece, with its capital Aigai, today's Vergina. Greek mythology states that it owes its name to the son of Zeus and Thyia, Macedonian. The ascendant course was begun by the famous King Philip II and continued until the climax of the son, who acquired with Olympiada the daughter of the king of Epirus, Alexander the Great (356 BC - 323 BC). Major cities of the empire were Pella, Amphipolis, Pydna and later in 315 BC. Thessaloniki, founded by the Macedonian King Kassandros.

photo Golden Larnaca, Philip ΙΙ


Today, the capital of Macedonia is the beautiful nymph of Thermaikos, Thessaloniki. The White Tower dominates an unguarded guard on its endless beach, with its diverse gastronomic delights and frantic nightlife. As a glamorous queen embraces the largest port of the North and keeps scepter as a trade center of Greece as well as of neighboring countries.
To the east of the city, 5 km from the center, in the area of ​​Kalamaria is the yacht marina with 242 berths, which boats up to 30m. It supplies fuel, water, electricity and telephone connection. It is open all year round with excellent service by its experienced staff.


A breath away next to the capital of Macedonia, lies the lacy emerald miracle with 550 km of coastline, the home of Aristotle, the beloved green Halkidiki. Famous beaches and harbors rest on its endless 'feet'.
On the first leg of Kassandra, we meet Nea Moudania, Sani, Siviri, Possidi, Nea Skioni with the new marina, Paliouri, Pefkohori, Kallithea with the wild nightlife.
At the second leg in Sithonia, we see the Kalogria coast, the port of Porto Carra, Porto Koufo port, Sarti, the turquoise waters of Kavourotrypa, the Vourvourou embrace with the island Diaporos, the Ormos Panagias with the port and marina in Lagonissi and the cosmopolitan Nikiti.
Continuing on the third leg we find Pyrgadikia, Trypiti and Ouranoupolis to protect Ammouliani island, a glamorous diamond of Halkidiki. From then on, only men are allowed to enter, because the unpolluted "orchard of Panagia"  the Saint Athos starts monastic self-governing communityof Mount Athos, with the same name of 2033m. to dominate the area. Northeast of the settlement of Olympiada and Stratoni on the third leg, lies the birthplace of the philosopher Aristotle, Stagira, where the tomb of the spiritual founder of western civilization and ruins of the ancient city of 655 BC are preserved.
Making the walk of the legs you will be enchanted by the green landscape, from the crystal clear seas with most of the Blue Flags of the country, and you will surely help yourself in the predominant slogan that 'Like Chalkidiki Does not Have'.
photo Posidi

Macedonian Coastlines

Continuing the tour of the coasts of the Macedonian land, the endless beaches of the Serres coast stretch for miles. Along with the coasts of Thessaloniki on Stavros, Vrasna, Asprovalta, the Serres coast welcomes thousands of visitors each year.

The beaches of Tuzla, Ammolofous and Nea Kerdylia lead to the eastern part of Macedonia where we meet the most picturesque town, the panoramic Kavala with the excellent harbor. Its emerald beauty is illuminated all the way from the bright rays of the sun, watching the green island of Thassos, 6 nautical miles away. Excellent destination with wonderful beaches and crystal clear seas.
In the southwest of Macedonia, an alternating landscape ripple, with the sun rising through the sea and setting into the embrace of the holy mountain of the 12 Gods, we see Mount Olympus. Enchanted by the melodies of the nine Muses, at the foot of the holy mountain, we find the coasts of Olympus, with Litochoro, Plaka Litohoro, Leptokarya, Gritsa Port, Skotina and Neo Poroi, to beautify Greece.
Endless beaches with crystal clear waters, lush landscapes, amazing food in romantic traditional taverns and luxurious restaurants offer unforgettable moments.

photo Kavala-Thassos


Administrative Region
Katerinis Antiparticle
  • 23513 51260
Fire Department
Fire Department
  • 199 or 23510 23333
Health Centers / Hospitals
Hospital of Katerini
  • 23513 50200
Litochoro Health Center
  • 23523 50002
Municipal services
Municipal police
  • 23513 50487
Municipality of Katerini
  • 23513 50000
Municipal Park
  • 23510 27752
Police Department of Katerini
  • 100 or 23510 46624
Tourist Police
  • 23510 46655
Port Authority
Port Authority of Katerini
  • 23510 61209
Port Authority of Platamonas
  • 23520 41366
Public transport
Katerini Trains Station
  • 23510 23709
Katerini Bus Station
  • 23510 23313
Urban buses of Katerini
  • 23510 46802
Euro Taxi
  • 18300 or 23510 21222


Health services
Ippokrateio General Hospital of Thessaloniki
  • 2310 837921-9
  • Phone:
    +30-2314 051 800

  • 1 Nikis L. Avenue,
    54624 Thessaloniki Greece

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